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Family Stability Success Story – December

Jayla entered the Family Stability Program in October of 2020. She was working for a home healthcare provider as a home health care aide and living in a hotel with her four children. Jayla and her four daughters were looking for housing after leaving a domestic violence situation. While working with her case manager through the Family Stability Program, she was able to find housing and has been living in her house since October. Support did not stop with securing a place to live. Jayla and her case manager have been working on budgeting so she can make her situation work with her income. This December, Jayla will reach a milestone in her work and be able to pay her rent on her own. This is one step closer to her independence!

Jayla’s responsibility and strength has been incredible to witness. Her children are her motivation and she plans to continue to work as a home health aide to support the family. She has worked incredibly hard to find housing that is safe and permanent.

Thank you for helping to support members of our community, like Jayla and her daughters. The Family Stability Program through Homefull is a way we can support Jayla’s independence and freedom from violence.