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Community Advocate

Drawing awareness to our regional priority issues

United for action

United Way of the Greater Dayton Area advocates at the local, state, and national level. We take on the issues that matter to children, individuals, and families in Greene, Montgomery, and Preble counties.

United, we have the power to educate policy makers. Without advocacy, our elected leaders may not realize the importance of our local concerns and the impact they have on the people of the Greater Dayton area. We work to build relationships with our representatives and highlight the advocacy work we are doing together for our community.


Take the pledge to live united!

Download our Advocacy Toolkit so you can better advocate for the most pressing issues facing our community.

Advocacy toolkit

Voting counts as advocacy

One of the easiest ways to affect change in your community is by voting. Whether the issue be local, regional, or national, your vote is one way to raise your voice in support of your community.

Greene county board of elections


Montgomery county board of elections


Preble county board of elections