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Fighting Against COVID-19

We’re working with other community organizations to identify areas of need as well as gather together all those willing to help.

If you’re an organization seeking volunteer assistance, please click the “GET HELP” button below and fill out the form. If you’re an individual seeking volunteer opportunities, click the “GIVE HELP” button.


Yearly volunteer days of service

United Way of Greater Dayton organizes a number of events every year to help motivate volunteerism and mobilize hundreds of people to help their community. Join us on these national days of service. Together, we can make a lasting positive change.


Martin Luther King jr. Day

The event’s goal is to empower individuals, strengthen communities, bridge barriers, create solutions to social problems, and move us closer to Dr. King’s vision of a “Beloved Community”.


global youth Service day

Global Youth Service Day is an annual campaign that celebrate and mobilizes the millions of children and youth who improve their communities each day of the year through service and service learning.


United way’s Day of Action

United Days of Action is an annual day of volunteerism mobilizing hundreds of local volunteers to complete community service projects throughout Montgomery, Greene, and Preble Counties.


9/11 national Day of service

The day’s goal is to encourage all Americans and others to voluntarily support charitable cause, perform good deeds and engage in other service activities in observance of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.


Make a Difference Day

This event serves as the Miami Valley’s celebration of Make a Difference Day, a national day of engaging members of the community in volunteer and service efforts.

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Volunteer of the Month



LIVES UNITED by “continuing to connect with people” in his leading the United Way campaign with IUE-CWA.

Tyrone has lived in the Dayton area since 1982, after starting out in Middletown.  He is a  union steward with IUE/CWA at DMAX.  He ran the DMAX United Way campaign for seventeen years.  He was then asked to manage the campaign throughout the local union.  He “signed right up.”  He enjoys being able to answer questions and being able to “show all that United Way does for communities.”

During campaign season, he devotes many hours to promoting the cause (seventeen eight-hour days most recently).  “I love to motivate … give them energy. I tell people we’ve got to get up and do something.  Keep it positive!”  Tyrone also volunteers at the Foodbank, and campaigns for various civic issues and labor concerns.  He is also involved in church work and fires up new hires at orientation.

IUE-CWA’s Local 755 President Mike Gross calls Tyrone “A champion of our culture.  He inspires us.  Our logo has a lightning bolt—he is the spark behind the lightning!”

United Way of the Greater Dayton Area is proud to name Tyrone McGuffy as our Volunteer of the Month for April, 2021.

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