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A Message from Scott McGohan

Family Stability changes a family’s reality. Historically, society creates and builds programs that catch people when their circumstances overwhelm them. I adore the hearts of people, like you, that lean into the mission of making a difference in the lives of others.

I love the Family Stability Program for its strategic direction to catch people before it’s too late or they become homeless, their compassion to keep students with their friends and teachers in the school system they know and the intentionality to lift families to a new hopeful place in life.

Know that we are grateful for your support and its working. Since 2012- 2020 the results are compelling:

  • 251 families with 864 children served
  • 216 families remained in their homes
  • 19% of families exited the program with increased income
  • 12% of families gained employment

Exciting changes are coming for United Way’s Family Stability Program. By leveraging national and local funding sources the program will expand it’s footprint and services decreasing the imminent risk of homelessness by improve housing stability and academic stability for school-aged children and their parents across the region. It has been your investment and faith behind this program that will allow so many more United Way donors to join us in creating and supporting Strong Families.

Thank you for trusting us to lean into the lives of people. Thank you for trusting us with your gifts and please know they make a difference!

All the best