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Meet Maureen

Meet Maureen:

Maureen and her family know first-hand the importance of United Way of the Greater Dayton Area in our community. Maureen is working hard to support her two grandchildren. She makes $3,000 a month and struggles to make ends meet. With finances being so tight, it is easy to fall behind on bills and Maureen received a disconnection notice from the local utility company.  The $400 needed to keep the power on was not in the budget and she did not know what to do. Fortunately, she remembered a card for HelpLink 211 she had picked up at a recent resource fair held at work. She called and received a referral to several organizations including Precious Blood Catholic Church who agreed to pay half of the bill. Maureen was able to keep the power on for her family and is grateful someone was there to point her in the right direction to get the help she needed.

Did you know that more than 40% of families in Montgomery, Greene, and Preble Counties struggle to get by each month?  HelpLink 211 receives thousands of calls like Maureen`s each month.  In fact, on average, 160 calls are received every day from families looking for help in our community. When you support United Way, you are helping ensure services like HelpLink 211 are there to connect thousands of people like Maureen to the assistance they need.