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Volunteer Spotlight – Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher LIVES UNITED by “contributing time to make organizations successful…and tutoring math!” at Brunner Literacy Center. 

Born in Sidney, Mike moved to Dayton in 1961 and worked as an accountant until 2010, when he retired and began a stint at St Rita parish.  He is married with four children and 12 grandchildren.  While at St. Rita, he learned of the Brunner Literacy Center’s mission and has been volunteering with them since 2016.  Mike tutors clients and GED applicants in math two days a week.  He has been very active since retirement, also volunteering Mondays at a food pantry and with St. Rita. “I have a great desire to do things – maybe I’m easily bored!  I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had!”

He encourages others to volunteer, encouraging folks to “look inside themselves and ask ‘do you want to do something?’”

Ashley Lackovich, executive director of Brunner Literacy Center, says “Mike is an awesome volunteer.  He’s helped so many students, responsibly and dependably!”

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