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UWGDA Seeks Candidates for Next Leader

President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Position

The President & CEO will maintain a strong relationship with the United Way Worldwide organization by staying abreast of the overall position of the global organization. The President/CEO will assure the local organization stays in compliance with all regulations and membership requirements. The President/CEO will participate in UWW committees and programs as deemed necessary and beneficial. The President/CEO will report back to the local board of directors pertinent information in regards to the status of UWW.

The President/CEO leads, manages and directs the total operation of United Way of the Greater Dayton Area (UWGDA) and is responsible for the organization’s mission to unite our community and maximize resources to build a stronger Montgomery, Preble, and Greene Counties. The President/CEO will assure a strategic plan for the organization taking into account the direction of United Way national strategies, community needs for support and overall success in fundraising to support those needs. The President/CEO will maintain significant relationships with persons at all levels within the public, private and nonprofit sectors. These individuals include corporate chief executives, local government leaders, labor representatives, leaders of other funding organizations, key planning organizations, agencies and representatives of other United Way organizations (both local, regional, state, and national).  To download the President and CEO position description click here. Interested candidates should submit their cover letter and resume to [email protected].

Required Critical Competencies:

  • Leadership
  • Business Acumen
  • Team-Centered
  • Results Oriented
  • Self-Directed
  • Fundraising

Preferred Skill Sets:

  • Culturally Astute
  • Communication at all Levels of Business
  • Analytics/Problem Solving
  • Interpersonal Relation Management
  • Cross-Functional
  • Highly Computer Literate

Key Responsibilities
The candidate for this position will work with the Board in the strategic planning process and annual review of the strategic plan; will also monitor the organization’s progress against the strategic plan. This position will assure a vision and strategic insight to the Board for fulfilling the mission of the organization, utilizing input from multiple sources, including external and internal constituents.

The President/CEO develops priorities for program activities in a manner that is consistent with the strategic plan and intent of the Board. He/She also ensures that the Board has access to all information needed to carry out its governance responsibilities, and to fully understand issues that affect the service area, trends in philanthropy and other information to support decisions regarding the direction of UWGDA.

The President and CEO will identify new opportunities to build partnerships with a broad and diverse group of external constituents and leverage resources in an effort to maximize impact. He/She will collaborate with external organizations to encourage the exchange of information and the building of partnerships. Participation in external meetings, councils, forums, etc. to insure we have the most current and relevant information to use in decision-making. A high level of support including integrity, transparency and service for the organization is required.

Qualifications Required

The President/CEO will have extensive experience in the management of organizations of comparable size and mission. The individual will possess sufficient expertise on issues relevant to the organization to make well-informed mission related decisions and command the confidence and respect of stakeholders necessary to serve as the leader of the organization.

  • Minimum of a Bachelor of Science Degree preferably in Business Administration or related field.
  • Proven ability to lead a team.
  • Strong planning, interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Successful record of accomplishment in diverse fundraising programs.
  • Proven ability to network, develop and maintain relationships with community representatives, business executives, foundation officials, donors and the media.
  • Technical Knowledge
    • Computer skills with emphasis on Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
    • Social media skills.

Cover letters and resumes can sent to: [email protected]

United Way of the Greater Dayton Area is an Equal Opportunity Employer