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While veterans are eligible for many local, state, and federal services—finding help from the multiple agencies with an array of services can be frustrating at best and at worst an insurmountable barrier for stressed, ill, aging, or disabled veterans. Although these agencies provide excellent service, difficulty in finding the right help, quickly, has been a major issue for local veterans and their advocates.

Our heroes deserve better.

VetsLink needs your support to continue this program.
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“VetsLink is a great way to distinguish the way the Miami Valley cares for its Veterans….better than any other place in the country!”
~ Base Commander (Retired), USAF
Beavercreek, OH

“VetsLink is an important part of our community’s commitment to serve veterans. And because firsthand knowledge of the rigors of military life sometimes eases the conversation, we will have veterans answering veteran calls to 2-1-1.

This program will be particularly important as it will also advocate for vets and pair them with education, income, and health organizations to get them on their feet.”
~ Colonel (Retired), USAF
Kettering, OH

Access to service providers. By contacting VetsLink, veterans and their families become more aware of the variety of available options at the state, local and/or federal levels. Advocacy.  If a veteran experiences any issues, a Community Resource Counselor (CRC) intervenes on the veteran’s behalf and advocate with service providers to make sure that help is provided. Intervene in Crisis Situations. The CRC is trained to recognize the signs of an individual in crisis, whether or not the caller directly speaks to the issue. The CRC will follow the local protocol to connect with rescue services. Improve the Overall Quality of Life. By assisting veterans to become more easily connected to needed services, they, their families and caregivers can reduce the frustration, stress and delay in getting needed support.

Ohio is home to the sixth largest veteran population in the U.S. Many research groups and federal agencies, from the Veteran’s Administration (VA) to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA), have identified critical service-related health and life difficulties afflicting our veteran population. Besides the former service members themselves, their children, spouses or caregivers are affected by previous deployments, unemployment, homelessness, and chronic illnesses. VetsLink will connect veterans to the services they need the most. Please donate to help continue this valuable program.